Friday, May 30, 2008

Goodness time flies!!!!

I couldn't believe it had been so long since I posted. As I said, time flies and of course I have been busy starting a few things.

I did sign up for a fabric painting class on QU. I guess the thing it did force me to do was get the discharge paste out that I had had for awhile and had not yet used. Other than that, I guess I had learned most of the other things in Sue B.'s class and from the Dyehard lists, we do learn a great deal on those from one another.

I have also signed up for a couple of Sue Bleiweiss' journal making classes. Probably shouldn't have as I have more than plenty to do and it is summer, but I enjoyed the mixed media class I took last summer and want to make some more journals. It is an aboslute must to get the garden and all the planting finished before Monday.

The photo will give you a good idea of what I have been up to since I have been home from KY.

There are few tomatoes left in the greenhouse, but at the time this photo was taken there were 76 on the bench. We did plant 38 last week and I just about killed them, but they are tough and came back. There are three more that need to be planted outside. Half of the peppers have been planted outside.

The plants on the shelf are the flowers for this summer's hanging baskets and pots. They were rather tiny as I didn't get anything started until April 6th this year, but have grown and are still sitting on the shelf. I did get 33 pots and hanging baskets planted and we have taken those to our daughters, NOW to do ours. I started on that process this morning, but only have 5 done.

Today is a beautiful day. One of those late spring days that we cherish around here. The wind isn't blowing like a banshee, as it has many days this spring, we still have a few birds still passing through and the ones that live here are singing away. There are some big white fluffy clouds showing up, sure wish some would get together and produce some rain. Very, very dry.
As to interesting birds during this year's migration, we have had several new ones. One is a Blackpoll Warbler and the other is a Prothonotary Warbler. We did have a female Western Tanager and my favorite a Lazuli Bunting pair. It has been years since I have seen the the buntings. They really liked the dandelions that had gone to seed. A good reason not to get in a big hurry and remove all of those things. We have had numerous Yellow Warblers and Flycatchers this spring. It is the best birdwatching spring I have had in 8 or 9 years. It has also been fun. We have also had some Yellow breasted Chats and another favorite, American Redstarts. The Grey Catbird has been around for some time, a Mocking Bird, Brown Thrasher, different kinds of Thrushes. The regulars--Robins, Great Tailed Grackles, Mourning Doves, Eurasian Banded Dove, King Birds, Barn Swallows, and House Finches are busy with their babies.

The corn is small, the weather has not been kind to it. The wheat is still hanging on as best it can due to lack of moisture. That is life on the farm. Until later.

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