Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back Home

Well this blogging did not go as well as planned. Might have to stay in a better place than the Days Inn on the next outing. Internet service was virtually non-existent most of the time.
I snapped a picture of the Arch in St. Louis on our way home yesterday evening. We stayed in a place about 24 miles east of Kansas City last night. We made good time, but then we were on the way home. Always seems like it is push once we leave Paducah to get there. Glad we left when we did as they were under a flash flood warning shortly after we left.
Hollis' class was wonderful. I learned how to paint with dye and I also learned a number of things about myself. It was also nice to be in a class where I felt like I belonged and could relate to people. I meant a number of nice women in the class. One thing that surprised me was that a number of them didn't dye or hadn't dyed for several years. I just assumed that most would be hand dyers, so much for assuming.
Those in the class who wanted to go out to supper meant at an Italian restaurant Thursday evening. We had a very enjoyable time. That was also the day we ate lunch at Caryl Fallert's and of course did a little shopping there.
I do have more photos to post, but after traveling 2,262 miles, I am ready to call it a day. Great fun, meant new people, saw old friends, learned new things and I didn't have to drive across Kansas by myself since I took the scenic route through Nebraska. A very good combination in my opinion.

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