Saturday, May 10, 2008

Guess What???

I was finally able to load another photo. This is of the balloon I painted in the dye painting class I took from Hollis Chatelain. It still needs to be quilted.
I started a QU class this morning. I have been very good about staying away from QU classes this year, until Thursday night. I had a weak moment, checked out the classes and ended up signing up for the Playing with Paint class. Sounds fun or maybe the paints were wanting some quality time. Nevertheless, I only have to purchase one thing for the class and maybe that is another good reason to have taken it, to gain more experience using the paints on fabric. Something I vowed to do this year, use what I have, learn how to use what I have and refrain from getting new things.
Many of the lessons appear similar to swaps on the Dyehard_Surfacing list, but I haven't done those swaps, so another good reason to take the class. Being in a class or swapping techniques helps me focus on learning that technique.
When I signed up I had planned on doing the lesson this morning, BUT I am a day behind as I forgot to get the yearbooks made for the quilting guild I belong to and the meeting is Monday night. I had forgotten all about them until I came across the folder in the file drawer yesterday morning when looking for an address. I worked on them most of yesterday, last night and finished them this morning. The best part is that I won't have to do them next year!!!! Yippppppeeeeee!!! They are a pain in the butt.
Had to stop quilting on the turtle for a few days as my back was bothering me. I thought that wasn't suppose to happen when working on a domestic machine. The reason I am trying to learn how to quilt on it since I can't do as much on the longarm anymore because of my back. My back is a pain as well.
So I am off to work on something, maybe clean the house? Sounds gruesome, but necessary. Still trying to catch up.

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  1. I love your balloon quilt. Classes are always fun, I hope to have time for a few in the near future.