Monday, May 5, 2008

Hmmmm, started several things

Yesterday is the day set aside to rest and that is what I did. Today is a day required to catch up on things that have been put aside the past 10 days. It really wasn't too bad, Joedy kept things up very well while I was gone.
I do need to get out to the greenhouse tomorrow and transplant the tomatoes, clarkia, a few petunias, and verbena. It will be time to transplant everything into the planters shortly. It is the 5th of May. Everything is growing rapidly at this point.
I did work on quilting the turtle I painted in class this past week. Exciting to see it come to life. It really is hard not to work on it. That is a good thing, might be one of those things that actually get Finished!! What a thought!!!
I unpacked the treasures purchased in Paducah today. Always fun to touch fabric and think, that was a good thing to pick up. Ordered a couple of books we discussed in class and some print paste from ProChem. Have to have that on hand to paint more fabric pieces.
The photos are not co-operating tonight, what a surprise. So will sign off until tomorrow. Hopefully it will work when I finish the turtle. I would hate to finish something and not be able to prove it!!!

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