Thursday, March 12, 2009

I finished one!!!!

I swore I WOULD NOT enroll in an online class for awhile. Oh well, so much for that resolution. I love online classes. I have learned a great deal from many wonderful instructors.
Currently I am taking a class thru Joggles with Susan Sorrell. It is entitled "Fertile Earth". It is a great class, I am having a difficult time keeping up. Mostly because of cleaning the sewing room and making the challenge quilt.
Our first assignment was fruit or veggies. I manipulated the photo in Photoshop of a lemon and limes. Then I stitched the resulting manipulation on to fabric. My fingers are so sore!!!! My mind is having a hard time getting around handwork and embroidery. Haven't done any for some time, but I am enjoying it. Will enjoy it more when my fingers aren't so sore.


  1. Hey susan! make sure you rest your hands when you are doing all that stitching. I have ruined my hands and have to stitch in waves. :) You did an awesome job on your lemon/lime piece.

  2. Susan--this piece is excellent! What a great image to use...

  3. Thanks everyone, this turned out to be a fun piece and very different from anything I have done before. Thanks for the advice about resting my hands.