Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something a little different

Today I was sitting in our sun room this afternoon stitching away on Lesson 2 of the "Fertile Earth" class I am currently taking. I happened to look outside for a moment and there in the evergreen tree were these sparkling lights, blue and silver. I was more than a little surprised, picked up the camera and took a photo. I then went about determining where this strange light was coming from. I finally discovered it was from sunlight shining through the glass of our front door and on to the evergreens in the back yard, approximately 80 feet away. It was very pretty and something I had never seen before. Maybe because it is Sunday.


  1. This is very cool...all of the light and angles must have been just perfect.

  2. It appeared to go back deeper into the trees as well. I need to see if it happens again today.