Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Surprises

The other day I was watering the ivy that hangs in the structure. I noticed some fungus growing on one of the posts. I had not seen this type before and have found it at the base of three of the poles. I enjoy finding little surprises in the garden. There is always something new and different. I like the shape and coloration of these little things. Took a few photos of the bark left on the pole as well, some interesting texture.

The other photos are of flowers. These are the first two water lilies of the summer. They are a delicate pink and are small, another surprise the other day. They are one of my favorites, but then they all seem to be that. The other lilies seem to be off to a slow start, but it has been cool. We placed some fish in the pond a week ago, hopefully they will live. We need to clean it.

The Siberian Iris are blooming now and the surprise here is that they are so short this year when everything else is amazing. I have several groups of these and the blue one finally bloomed this year, the biggest surprise. This variety is Cesar's Brother, the most dependable one for me.

The peonies are larger than they have ever been and the poppies are 8" across. I have never had such beautiful, spring flowers. I hope the summer day lilies are as nice.


  1. you need to take a closeup of the fungus. you can then print it and applique one of your irises over top of it. get a good closeup of one of your siberian irises.
    your water lilies are gorgeous and see if you can get a closeup of them, also, for applique work. ann

  2. I have lots of close ups of the water lilies, but I like the idea of the fungus and the iris on top. Thanks