Tuesday, June 9, 2009

towel bars

Not the most exciting photo compared to what I have been posting or at least I don't think so, but these things made me think of a number of things this evening.

The towel bars have been a pain in the *&(^ from the beginning. But it made me think of how far cameras had come. Certainly would not be worth discussing towel bars as they are way behind cameras, along with the people from which I ordered the towel bars. But the cameras these days are awesome!!!! I have a nice camera, but it is nothing compared to others I have seen.

I took photography in high school and we used the little box cameras. To develop the film, we threaded the film on spools, placed the spool in a canister, closed the lid and poured the solution into the canister. I might add that this was down in total darkness. We then set a timer and then washed the film. wWe let the film dry, then we would put the film into the next thing, mind is blank at the moment, load the photo paper in trays position everything, and then print the photo. It was still pretty dark. Then it had to go into 3 different solutions and then a water bath, then the photo would be hung up to dry. 1 good photo per roll was about all one could expect.

I much prefer what I do now days! I am able to take 100's of photos, set the camera on a docking device or use a hot wire and download those photos in minutes. Then play with them on Photoshop. I guess I am just trying to figure out why towel bars haven't progressed any more than what they have??!! I don't mean the heated ones, one that would just stay together would be nice and have a reasonable amount of space between the two towels when it is a double towel bar??? Apparently people are much more interested in camera development.

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