Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer is here!!!

It is officially summer on the calendar and summer outside. We had a cool spring, which was very nice. The heat is on now, but then it should be as it is the 3rd week in June and wheat harvest is around the corner and the corn is in need of some heat units so it can get going.

I wanted to get some photos of wildflowers blooming in our pasture, so I got with it and went out on Friday afternoon when I
was suppose to be cleaning house and took some.
I like cactus flowers, just don't care for cactus. The dried blossoms on these even have a nice peachy color.
The other photos is a flower I call Prairie wine cups. Have no idea if that is right or not. Need to go to the wildflower site and look that up.
We went out yesterday afternoon and found some more. Some I had not seen in years. So we have had a good wildflower season.

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  1. I love the cactus flowers...they look like paper. I don't remember seeing the other flower before...are they newer?