Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something old & new & tiny

Sunday as we were looking for wildflowers in the pasture, we came across this flower. I have looked it up and believe it to be a Carolina Larkspur. I had not see one before and they are very noticeable in the pasture as they are 12-18" in height. The best part was that I noticed the little bee in the photo after I loaded it onto the computer.
We then went up to Bonny Dam so we could see how high the water was now. It is somewhat better than last year, but it is still very depressing. Their were only a handful of people out there and normally on Father's Day the place would have been packed. There is talk of draining it, so who knows what will happen over time. Many memories.
On our drive east of the lake, we came across this old house. Can't remember the name by it, but it is close to the KS border. I have started taking photos of old buildings as they seem to fade with time around here. I can think of 6 homes that no longer stand that I went by on the school bus each day. And I went to a birthday party at one house, stayed all night in another, visited a friend in another one. Time changes things. People and structures come and go in our lives. Makes one realize how fragile life really is and to enjoy each moment. There are no guarantees in life, no matter how hard some try to convince us they exist.

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