Friday, July 17, 2009

The aftermath

Well our luck ran out today where the hail was concerned. This is a cabbage from our garden. It looks pretty good compared to some of our corn and wheat. It has about 5 dings from hail stones. The hail stones were anywhere from a half dollar to small marbles, with wind. Glad none came through our windows.
There was a 1 1/2 mile stretch on I-70 that was pounded during the storm. Vehicles going west had the back windows completely broken out and vehicles traveling east had windshields shattered.
We hope no one was seriously injured. Our concern was for families with little kids sitting in the back seats or in car seats. The wind was suppose to be around 60 mph at the time, so after the window was broken, I would imagine those in the vehicles had the baseball size hail to contend with coming into their vehicles.


  1. WOW Susan, that was some storm you had I'm glad nobody was hurt. We have temps only in the 70's today with low humidity for a change and I'm stuck inside all day. Oh well I guess I'll make a little money.

  2. Did you guys get bad weather again tonight? I know a Discovery teacher in Goodland who is on Facebook and she said the sirens were going off. When they came out of the basement there were a lot of branches blown down. I also noticed that there was a green dot on you during Channel 9's weather...wasn't sure what that meant.