Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Rain!!

Yes, more rain. Any of those who have been following the drought we have gone through out here are probably in shock as all I have done for more years than I care to remember, complained about little or no rain or snow.
BUT I am NOT complaining. Living through the hell of the drought is far more stressful and debilitating on one's mind, body and spirit than dealing with too much rain during wheat harvest.
The flowers are really liking the rain we had last fall. I think that is why they are bigger than they have ever been. This photo is of one of my favorite day lilies, Gentle Shepard.
The next one is of some peach Asiatic lilies, no idea of the name. I need to stake them as they are not standing too well.
All of the flowers fared well last night considering we must have had some formidable winds before the storm. There is eveidence of this in the corn fields, greensnap. Some worse than others. A field of my nephew's, which is a beautiful, tall field of corn, took a very hard hit.
A photo of the radar map, as it looked this morning right at 12:00 a.m. That big hunk of red, south of the I-70 logo is just about ready to come over the area where we live and farm. It was a little frightening to watch it. I was thinking the same thing as my nephew, who was home watching it on his computer---we are going to get wiped out!! Well, we didn't get wiped out as there was no hail, but the wind didn't do us any favors. We received anywhere from 90/1ooths of rain to 50/100ths of rain, so we are out of the wheat fields again today. Everyone is getting nervous as the crop is wonderful and we can't cut it.
As stated earlier, I am not complaining about the rain. Although my stomach is not doing so well, especially watching that storm last night. Just wish it could hold off for about 2 weeks until everyone gets their wheat harvested.
The storms are building in the west as I write this, so we have to hang on for another onslought. We did survive our second flash flood warning of the season though. Didn't see any evidence of that anywhere this morning as the Smoky isn't running nor Sand Creek so we haven't had one yet.


  1. I think I like the peach lilies better...they are both beautiful! Yea, the radar looked pretty intimidating. I'm glad there wasn't any hail. We had a very windy rain go through here about two hours ago.

  2. beautiful lilies.
    the whole country seems to be facing a new weather pattern.
    El Nino is here again. ann