Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of July

Hard to believe that July is coming to an end tomorrow. It has been eventful to say the least. Yesterday we had a 5 minute warning of a possible tornado headed our way. NOAA radio and the tv came on at the same time with a warning. The sirens blew in town, so apparently a funnel was spotted. All we saw was a very low cloud and then lots of rain in a short period of time. After the storm had passed, we went to check on several fields for hail and saw a couple of storm spotters.

Everything is still lush and green, that hasn't been hailed. Even those fields are doing their best to look respectable due to all the rain. The moisture profiles are better than they have ever been in the cornfields. Probably ought to frame one of those crop reports as it might be the only time we will ever see an 80-80-80 profile at the end of July in our life time.

I dyed fabric yesterday. I dyed a 7 step run for a direct complement swap for Dyehards. The next one will be a rainbow wheel. Will do that one in Aug. as I have no idea what colors I want to use. I re-organized the dyes today and ordered a few from Dharma. I would like to work more with a wheel I dyed a couple of years ago now!!!

I have finished the structured fabric class, not the piece however. I did remove the yarn and I am going to put some pink fabric over the yellow to tone it down.

I also concluded the journal class with Sharon Boggen on Joggles. It was a great class! I need to go back and do some more of the exercises she gave us during the class. Very helpful.
This is one of the journal pages. It is of the hailed corn. Thought if might provide some interesting subject matter sometime for a small journal quilt.
So August will start, class reunion coming up in a week. The 40th!! Hardly seems possible that 40 years have gone by since I graduated from high school. I have noticed that I am looking older, so maybe it is possible.

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  1. Susan, I am so glad you are safe. Love to see your handdyed complement pieces.