Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Design Wall

The other day on the surfacing list I belong to, someone ask what was on our design walls. Sadly I must admit the same thing is there that was there 6 months ago. Maybe even 9 months ago.

The piece on the left is from the "Darned Quilt" class on QU, I dyed the fabric and some of the thread; the middle piece is a dye painted piece I did in Hollis' dye painting workshop in Paducah last May; and the piece on the right is an appliqued piece from a pattern and I dyed the fabric for it. All in different stages of progress, all not completed. I refuse to tell anyone how many more could be hanging up there or are hanging some place else.

I have been cleaning the sewing room and I have found the machine. The fabric has all been rearranged and I am nearing the end of my quest. I am also taking another online class. It is one on Joggles. I love online classes and encourage people to take them.

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