Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here we go AGAIN!!!!!

At this point, nothing surprises me!!! I stepped outside to take a couple of photos of the NEW SNOW, which is falling as I write this post, and saw a petunia still blooming away right up next to the house. How these plants have survived in the past few weeks is beyond me. I thought it only fitting to take a photo---Petunia in the Snow. Anxious to see how perky that plant is by tomorrow morning.
The other two photos are of our backyard. I thought the flash captured the falling snow very nicely. So nicely in fact, one cannot see the pond, only snow. Of course it is blowing over the roof of the house and onto the deck. That accounts for the look of a lot of snow.
The bottom photo is taken looking toward the flower garden. I don't think I will grill any hamburgers for supper tonight.
I had thought earlier this morning that we were going to escape this storm. That was wishful thinking on my part. We did get a few loads of corn picked before it hit. Hope we aren't still picking corn at Christmas time.


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