Sunday, October 11, 2009


I cannot believe that it is Oct. 11th!! I need to get in gear if I intend to get anything done in the way of quilt making this year.

Our guild held our every other year quilt show yesterday, Oct. 10th. The attendance left a lot to be desired, but then I can't say I blame people for staying home. There was ice on everything yesterday morning. Driving was hazardous, walking was hazardous as well. We had 69 people attend the show. We usually have 375 to 400 attend. Apparently they wanted to
stay home wrapped up in a quilt instead of seeing them hanging from quilt racks.

This was the first year at the Burlington Community Center using quilt racks to display the quilts. The past 3 shows have been held at the Old Town Museum and we placed the quilts over old buggies, wagons cars and numerous other things to display them. Everyone liked the new setting better.

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