Friday, October 30, 2009

A Snow Day!!!

As the sun rises over our backyard, one can see the combinations
of wind and wet snow. I think my favorite photo of the morning is that of the "snow pleats". The scrunched area of snow is actually several inches from the window.

As I was making Joedy's coffee this morning I was extremely happy that I didn't have to go outside and retrieve water from this old pump.

The stream needs to be cleaned of the oak leaves that have fallen into it in the past few days. I can't think the fish have enjoyed the change in water temperature. Actually, I am sure they aren't enjoying anything about the fall weather we have had.
Bottom line it is just a cold, snowy morning on the plains of eastern Colorado. I have no idea what the cornfields look like and I know our backyard is better than those to the north of us.


  1. How much did you end up with? Now you can try a little snowdyeing. vbg We had some spitting of icey rain this evening in Iowa. The show is really slow, I'm hopeing to make my expenses.

  2. I am not sure how much we ended up getting. It went from bare ground to 6' drifts in the corn fields. So maybe 5-6", if that much.
    Hope things pick up for you tomorrow.

  3. I love the snow on the window...and the one with the pond is great! The leaves still on the trees...snow...and sun coming through from the back.