Friday, October 16, 2009

New York Beauty

A friend and I have decided to make New York Beauty quilts. This is the second time I have decided this. I am using Karen Stone's pattern that came out more than a couple of years ago, let's see the copyright is 1997. One friend has already finished her quilt sometime back. It is the only reason I still want to make one of these as hers is beautiful.
I started this thing at least 6 years ago, maybe longer. I did get 6 blocks made the first time around and I am really hoping I get
all of them made this time.
I thought it would help if I chose all the fabric for each block, then cut the required amount that I need for that block. The photo shows rows 5 and 6 waiting to be cut. Notice the three blocks in row 5 that are completed.

This pile all but the block at the top of the post. I finished cutting out the pieces this afternoon and pieced the block shown in the top photo. I changed all but one piece in that block so I really hope that is not a bad omen of things to come. I really wasn't sure about the original
fabric I had chosen for the block, but at this point, feel comfortable with the ones that are cut.


  1. I love the NYB block but your color choice has turned it into magic. it is drop dead gorgeous.

  2. Love the block and the colors you chose.