Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall is over!!!

Yesterday brought rain and wet snow during the night, totalling 2.15"!!! We would really have preferred to receive the moisture a little later on this fall, after the corn is all picked, but that is not to be. I was thinking back to 1997 when we had a blizzard at this time in Oct. and received 24+ inches of snow, so it could have been worse. We were able to farm in November after that blizzard.

Hopefully the fields will dry out enough to start harvesting again next week. My brother in law was working on soy beans
when this hit, not good.


  1. Better you then me. Hey how about some snow discharging???

  2. Wow, Susan, if we had snow like that in October here in North Carolina, they'd shut everything down!!! Our leaves are just starting to change ...

  3. That is a thought Judi, but I don't have time.

    I hope you never get heavy, wet snow like this one in North Carolina, Michelle. It would probably destroy a lot of those beautiful trees.