Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back in the Studio

Screen Print

I finally made it back over to the studio today.  The first time since the Retreat, other than to clean one day.  I am currently taking a screen printing class on QU.  I did do two things today that was in the 2 lessons we have received, the rest was playing around.  Oh well.  I did attempt discharge using the screens, not very successful on that count.  They were all done using Speedball silk screening ink.  It is very similar to paint, the hand is not as nice as fabric paint however.  I do like the results and the clean up though. 
  I tried a couple with some Golden Acrylics.  Came close to ruining the screen using the Golden paint so no more of those.  I did have success with the iridescent Golden paint though.  I was surprised it didn't cause problems. 

One of the things we are suppose to do is cut out a stencil from contact paper and attach it to the back of the screen.  That would be the photo with the blue fabric and the pink fabric. The first attempt was rather pathetic, but the second one is a clean print.  I will try fabric paint next time and see how it works.  I need to read the lessons too.  I even dug one of the numerous bottles of dye out of the fridge, Retreat leftovers, and dumped it on one of the waxed encrusted cloths left from the soy batik projects.  I put the rest of the blue dye on a t-shrit, tossed both in a sack and well wash them out tomorrow. 

Doesn't that look fun!!??  One of these days the wind won't be blowing and I can use some of these for backgrounds.   And one other thing I did accomplish today was to wrap fabric around the trash barrel.  Will see how that looks tomorrow morning.  Shelia and Ricky, you would have loved the rust I scraped off the side of it! 

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