Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wild Things

Yesterday I decided it was time to use up the dye in the fridge from the Retreat, it has been 4 1/2 weeks since it was mixed up.  I poured the dye on the fabric and these are the results.  I would say they are a little on the wild side of things.  Might have tempered them a bit with a little brown, but these are the colors that were mixed and used in some form so that is how I have decided to use them. 

I laid one piece on top of the other for these two.  There are some beautiful places in these pieces, just hard to see far away and clumped all together. 
  I have another piece that was folded and dyed to the side of these two and one that I hung on the line and dyed in the wind!!!  Also there are 7 pieces from two parfaits shown below.  I think they will work into whatever I decide to do.  Maybe a courthouse steps this time. 


  1. double wow, Susan, those are BRIGHT parfaits. they should be fun to use, however. ann

  2. Pretty Susan I like the parfaits the best.

  3. Thanks Karen. The other pieces are rather wild when looking at them on the whole, but when I fold them they are easier to look at.