Friday, September 24, 2010


 It has taken a few days to get these photos up because the camera and Photoshop were not getting along, at all.  Then I couldn't access Photoshop.  I had to uninstall and reinstall the program before things were back to normal. 

The Monarch Butterflies were migrating on Wednesday as they make their way back south for the winter.  There were not a great number of them as we have seen other times,  approximately 30-40.  It was windy, not a surprise, and they seemed to be seeking shelter from the wind in the trees.  It is amazing to me that these delicate creatures travel as far as they do. 

 I watched them for awhile, took some photos and tired to keep the dogs back away from the trees as the butterflies were disturbed by their presence.  They didn't mind the camera flash though.  They were interesting to watch and the trick was to catch them as they opened and closed their wings.    They were not doing it when I was able to get a little closer.  I did find an interesting site that records the migration of butterflies and birds.

 Last fall we had an interesting fungus growing.  I liked the shape of last year's better, but nonetheless they are interesting.  They grow out of a crack in the railroad tie on the back side of the pond. 

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  1. last fall, we had some monarchs that were flying south. the ones I saw were up on 54 and I swear some of them looked like they were on their last legs. they were swooping lower and lower to the ground. Ann