Sunday, September 12, 2010


Treasures among the junk
Yesterday we were out by the junk iron pile.  Wow, did I find some wonderful things!!!!!  So I cautiously dug through the pile, it is September and rattlesnakes are not pleasant when one runs across them this time of year.  I stayed along the edge and made a lot of noise before attempting to look through an area.  There were also some black blister beetles on a pig weed that I had to keep an eye on as well.  The only injury I experienced was being stuck in the finger by a goat head sticker.  It was worth it.  I need to unload the loot and put it away. 

The metal with holes is one of the finds I am the most excited about.  It can be used to rust fabric, might be able to discharge with it, use it on a gelatin plate, endless possibilities with this piece.  Some of the items will have to be forced where the rust is concerned.  Some are stainless steel so they will have to be used for stamps or photo images will be used for patterns.  Very rewarding afternoon. 

The circle in the center is a new piece that I have not come across before.  I am not sure if these will rust, but here again, lots of other possibilities.

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  1. definitely an interesting assortment of "finders keepers, losers weepers" have fun using them. Ann