Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 2--Reflections

I chose a photo of our dining room table today. I was just going to go with the table itself until I saw the reflection in the glass top and thought it said more about why I chose this object.
As with any New Year, I always reflect on the past year or years.
I received a gmail from my Aunt in CA today and she was telling me about the Sunday dinner menu she was preparing. She cooks Sunday dinner for the family members who live in CA and she has been doing this for a number of years. I have had the privilege of sitting at her table graced with roses from her garden and eating one of her fabulous meals. She is having pork chops cooked Darlene style this evening, which my cousin enjoys, along with Apple Crisp. I can imagine they will have a wonderful time.
Our youngest daughter started a once a month Sunday dinner tradition last year with her two sisters and their husbands who live along the front range. They will have their family dinner tonight, the first one of the new year at Daughter #2's home. They are rotating this year. They are working on an Italian theme this year and their menu sounded delicious. We were able to attend a few of the dinners last year and it is always a treat.
So even though our dining room table is not covered with food at the moment, nor are there any guests coming, it is full of memories of meals shared with family and friends over the years and in spirit I am in CA at my aunt's table and with our daughters and their husbands and finance this evening at their table.


  1. We all enjoyed reading obout "our" dinner tonight. Wish you were here, too, in sunny CA.

  2. We have sun in CO, just not very warm. Wish I were there too.