Friday, January 9, 2009


The photo today is the top of a box. At one time the box contained a wedding veil. I have it in my possession because I was to take the remnants of the veil and the wedding dress worn by the mother of my cleint in 1941. I was to use them to make small wall hangings, also incorporating photographs of her mother and father printed on fabric. That is no longer the plan, which I think is for the best, but I am very intrigued by the box lid.
The lid is covered with a material that resembles leather and the photo is of the design which is embossed in the center portion of the lid. It is in very good condition and the gold embellishment has not tarnished. In one corner the owner of the veil had written "My wedding veil". The only portion left of the veil is the beaded head piece and the lace that went around the edge of the veil.
Treasures come in many forms. I know the daughter of the woman who wore these things wants to preserve them for her grandchildren, hence she has decided to make wedding dresses similar to the one her mother wore for their dolls. I think this is a grand idea myself for two reasons, I think they will turn out better than the wallhangings and I wasn't getting much done on this project. Things do work out for the best.

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