Thursday, January 8, 2009

How much longer?????

I had two goals in going outside this afternoon, one was to feed the birds and the other was to take a photo of evergreen trees for the blog.
As you can clearly see this is not a photo of an evergreen tree. This was the last photo I took as I came back into the backyard. I happened to glance in the direction of the pump house and thought it might provide some interesting material sometime for my photo file of old structures.
The pump house use to play an important role on the farm. Years ago there was a windmill on the south side of it which pumped water for the house and livestock. The windmill came down years ago and a well now provides water for the farm, but the building still remains.
It has become a storage shed, holding such treasures as a Smurf picnic table, old doors and windows, a work bench, goose decoys and various other items. All have seen better days. The door seems to be falling apart at a rapid pace and I have been wondering how much longer that pane of glass is going to stay in place.


  1. Please reserve one jar of pickles and one jar of tomatoes.

    Aunt Darlene

  2. I could toss in a sauerkraut too.