Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frustration and Hope

I decided to downsize this photo. It should really take up the
entire screen as that little machine and the legal pad next to it have monopolized my day!!!!! I am preparing for our tax appointment coming up this week. Everything has to be checked and then all the labor forms have to be filled out and filed.

What a pain in the neck!!!!! I am so relived that the government instituted all those paperwork reduction acts or it might be way too overwhelming otherwise. It wouldn't be such a bad job if it weren't for the multitude of labor entries and forms, haven't really seen any of that paper reduction I mentioned in the above sentence, only an increase. As in every sector of our lives where government is concerned, meddle, meddle, meddle!!! That thought can be saved for another post sometime. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities on that front.

I will say that I think I have things under control. Now to transfer all those numbers and not transpose any of them. I would much rather be in the sewing room even though it is in total chaos or over at the studio dyeing fabric. Hopefully I will make it to one of these two locations soon, very soon!!!

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