Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thinking About......

My daughter sent a link to the new blog she started in connection with the Flickr 2009/365 challenge, which is to take a picture everyday in the year 2009. This is her blog address--- I think she takes great photographs. I used one of her underwater photos of a sea turtle in the dye painting class I took from Hollis in May '08. Still quilting it. My daughter has hopes it will hang in her office one day. She has some beautiful photos of coral I would like to paint and quilt as well. Works out well too as she is not a fan of traditional quilts.

So now I am thinking about doing this challenge thing as well. In my mind there are more than a few challenges connected with this "Flickr Challenge 2009/365". Starting off with picking up the camera each day and taking a photo, this could prove to be the easiest part. Then I would have to upload or download the photo from the camera to Adobe and do some work on it. Then comes posting the photo to this site, which can be a technical challenge for me at times and writing something about the photo. Good grief, that would mean I would have to blog each day as well AND I am already two days behind, but that sums up my life. It might take a day just to decide if I want to do this or not!!!!!!

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