Thursday, January 15, 2009

In all Its Glory

Hopefuly I will be able to post the photo by the 15th. Having difficulties with them downloading to the blog.
The little pedal tractor on the left is my husband's. It was recently restored to its former glory by his nephew and good friend and looks as good as it did 57 years ago. He originally received it for his 2nd birthday from the local John Deere dealer. The one on the right is for riding, not to be ridden by my husband though.
I have tried 10 times, at least, to download the photo, to no avail. Apparently it doesn't pay to be miffed.
Success on Friday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your tractors and the restorative work, time, and patience that it took to get to "glory." I found you through your daughter's blog; she continues to influence me daily.

    Don't give up on the uploading; sometimes it's just the site, not you.

  2. The photos uploaded today without problem.
    The tractors are special and will go to our grandson.
    My daughter continues to influence me daily, too.

  3. The tractor turned out GREAT! I should ask grandma if she has any photos of papa on the tractor when he was little. That would be something fun for MM to have.