Friday, January 30, 2009

Eye Glasses

Last night I discussed my like for glass. Tonight I discovered how much I really like glass, in the form of my eye glasses. I can't read anything up close without them.

Case in point. I have been showering in the other shower as it steams a bit better than the one I use all the time. I noticed tonight when I was shampooing my hair that the shampoo had a piney smell. Hmmm, I thought that was interesting and then I realized I had been washing my hair with the shower gel instead of the shampoo this week. Might account for my itchy scalp.

This photo is honor of my glasses, I sure do like them and all the things I can see and would otherwise miss if I did not have them.


  1. If the commenting section had a recording would hear all of my laughter. Sorry to hear about the itchy scalp.

  2. The scalp problem was remedied when I used the Shampoo and a lot of conditioner.