Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have you ever thought about........???

I know, a cell phone, not very exciting nor original. We switched
carriers today. THANK HEAVENS!!! Finally, some company has arrived who actually cares that we are able to get service south and east of town where we live, work and farm. Adios, Verizon!!!

These little phones are rather remarkable things. They can take a photo, a person could text on them if they so desired, access a website, they can be an alarm clock, an answering machine, one can reach people just about any place in the world, if you are with the right carrier, and lots of other things. And they are so small they just slip into a purse or pocket, which I found out is not the best place to keep one. They are amazing.

Another reason I find them extraordinary is that I was in the 7th grade when our first telephone was installed on our farm. It was a pretty big deal and that was 44 years ago. We were on a party line and there were 7 other families on our line. Talk about getting to know your neighbors.

The land line we currently have doesn't work if it rains or snows very much and we have wireless Internet as I would never be able to do anything such as post photos to a blog if I had to use the telephone line for our Internet connection, it would time out constantly and I would be very frustrated.

So I am impressed with this little blue gizmo that I can hold in the palm of my hand, take anyplace I go now and call someone from the middle of nowhere and if I wanted to spring for a Blackberry, I could even access my e-mail and all that other stuff those things do.

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