Saturday, January 31, 2009


It has been a beautiful day today. Not sure how warm it is, but somewhere near 60 was predicted. One of our balmy days this month.

As I was looking out the windows, I saw the butterflies happily floating in the afternoon sun. The other day a friend sent some nature photos that contained a photo of a group of blue butterflies hanging out on a tree. They were absolutely beautiful!!! The two little metal butterflies are a far cry from those in the photo, but they do bring a smile to my face every time I see them out in the flower garden, even among the neutral colors of winter. There is so much beauty in our world, sad that people don't pay more attention to it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Eye Glasses

Last night I discussed my like for glass. Tonight I discovered how much I really like glass, in the form of my eye glasses. I can't read anything up close without them.

Case in point. I have been showering in the other shower as it steams a bit better than the one I use all the time. I noticed tonight when I was shampooing my hair that the shampoo had a piney smell. Hmmm, I thought that was interesting and then I realized I had been washing my hair with the shower gel instead of the shampoo this week. Might account for my itchy scalp.

This photo is honor of my glasses, I sure do like them and all the things I can see and would otherwise miss if I did not have them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I tried getting a photo of the sunrise, yes sunrise. Had to blow my nose about that time. Anyway, it didn't work out and I needed to get this done and it is almost 11:00 p.m. now.

I saw the green pitcher on the table and liked it as a subject. I love colored glass, blue in particular. I have pink, ruby, dark blue and clear dishes and use them during the holidays.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the fan

The fan can be found in our living room. I have been looking at it way too many hours recently.
I have watched a number of home decorating shows on HGTV as well. I should be able to walk in to any one's place and rearrange things, fix things, paint things or tell someone how much a place will cost no matter what part of the country it is in or some other country. I find it interesting that people are moving out of the country to live in other countries. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too many

I have seen far too many of the little white tissues coming out of the top of this box. I am currently on box # 4. I do like the white flowers on the side of the box though. They are a nice touch that I see every time I reach for another tissue.
I talked to my mom this evening and one of her sisters has the same thing. She said it was the worst cold she has ever had and given the fact that she is 20+ years my senior, I consider her to be an expert on this subject.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It finally bloomed

I slept in a chair in our living room part of last night due to my cold, didn't notice any improvement there either. BUT when it became light out this morning, I was greeted by a nice surprise, the peace lily in the dining room was blooming.

I am fascinated by these curious flowers. They shoot up out of the plant's base, they are tightly wrapped and then unfurl to reveal a satiny hood and the bumpy, yellow stamen. Sometimes they last for weeks, which is probably determined by the care they are given around here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Project

I started cleaning the sewing room about a week ago. It came to a halt shortly after I started and I haven't gotten back to it. I decided to move the fabric paint and drafting table back over to the sewing room in our home. The boxes are siting right where they were placed one week ago. Hopefully I will make a little progress on it tomorrow. I will see how I feel.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


After a few technical difficulties, i.e. Adobe and Kodak not wanting to play together, I have uploaded today's photo.

I have spent most of the day in bed with this cold and thought the best course of action was to stay up awhile so that I could sleep tonight. I have the fireplace going, a quilt, Kleenex's, water and a book about Georgia O'Keeffe. I am not moving from here until I need to go back to bed.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite things

This little tea pot is one of my favorite things, I am always glad to see it setting on the counter when I return home. We have been away for a few days helping our daughter and son-in-law with their baby.
I purchased it in Paducah one spring when we attended the quilt show. It was made in Japan, it is very heavy, has bamboo and cherry blossoms on it, is black background with a violet cast and brews some wonderful tea. I think I might have a cup in the morning as tonight I needed something stronger for my cough.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have a cold!!!

I have a cold!!!! The photo has the two favorite things that I use when I have a cold. I am in hopes that it isn't one of those that goes into my chest. I have to be well in 2 weeks as I am going to Texas. So this is an all out battle.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cabinet knobs

Cabinet knobs are very useful items. They keep some of the oil from our hands off the wood and help keep the cabinets cleaner. Today my husband and I put cabinet knobs on our daughter and son-in-law's kitchen cabinets.
First we had to fix the jig we were using as it was about 1/16th off from being centered. The scary part is placing the jig up there and thumping the mark through the hole in the jig, which makes a small dimple in the wood. This marks the place to drill the hole. Good news, we didn't mess any of them up, which is a really big plus in my book when doing these little jobs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kids toys

There are a lot of toys for little kids out there these days and they are pretty neat. This one imitates jungle. There is a parrot, monkey, toucan, giraffe, a mirror, tropical leaves and some butterflies. The little blanket has other animals and the sun. There are also lights in the top and a music box.
We looked at these at the store awhile back and I was amazed at the number of these little entertainment centers for babies. I have no idea how babies would rate them, but they look fun to me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitchen cabinets

I enjoy looking at different types of old kitchen cabinets. My grandmother had one that had leaded glass in the top doors. She also had an enamel "counter top" that could be pulled out when more room was needed. Today's photo is of one of the doors on an old cabinet that we have. It doesn't hold pots and pans or food or dishes in our home, it has a new purpose, it holds photos of our family.

It is a far cry from the kitchen cabinets we have today and I really like the cabinets that I have. I would not want my entire kitchen to be stored inside the cabinet that holds our photos. My cabinets are one of the many things I do appreciate in my daily life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A rainbow

I was able to dye fabric on Friday and washed it out today. This is for a color wheel study we are currently conducting on Dyehard. I decided to go with pure dyes this time and used Lemon Yellow, Mixing Red and Cerulean Blue.

Now to get the fabric pressed, cut into squares, numbered and placed in little bags. Then off in the mail. I am ahead of schedule this time, so far. I also dyed a medium and light color wheel I have Feb. and March completed as well.

Hopefully I will have more dyed fabric to post this year. Didn't accomplish much in that area last year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snowman Quilt

This is the first photo I have taken just because I needed to get it taken. I made this quilt 7 or 8 years ago and it has 12 different blocks with a different kind of snowman on each block. This block happens to be one of my favorite blocks in the quilt. It gets to come out for a few months during this time of the year and will be replaced shortly by another quilt.

I have been tagged

mini-art quilt
Originally uploaded by ssnhartman

Well it happened, I have been tagged. Thank you Judi for this honor. I was instructed to go to my fourth folder of photos, chose the fourth one, post it, tell about it, and tag four others.

This photo is of a small quilt I made several years ago for a swap on Dyehards. It now resides in Canada with Maya. It is about 8" x 10" in size, made of fabric I dyed, I designed it, it has a small piping inside the border, I quilted it, sewed on the beads and I had a couple of holes in my fingers by the time I had all those beads on it. And after I had all those beads in place, I realized I should have put them on differently.

The four people I am tagging are:

1. Kate

2. Thelma

3. Kelly

4. Vicky

Friday, January 16, 2009


It was a beautiful, warm day for January and I was drawn outside in search of a photo. Pine needles came to mind, but as I looked around the yard, the metal butterfly caught my attention.

It is in the flower garden and there are three glass canning jars below it. I imagine some people wonder what the heck those are doing out there. It is the place where our little dog Vixey is buried. She loved the flower garden and spent many hours hunting through the plants. I still miss her and probably always will, as we spent a lot of time together.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In all Its Glory

Hopefuly I will be able to post the photo by the 15th. Having difficulties with them downloading to the blog.
The little pedal tractor on the left is my husband's. It was recently restored to its former glory by his nephew and good friend and looks as good as it did 57 years ago. He originally received it for his 2nd birthday from the local John Deere dealer. The one on the right is for riding, not to be ridden by my husband though.
I have tried 10 times, at least, to download the photo, to no avail. Apparently it doesn't pay to be miffed.
Success on Friday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rewards of Summer

First I am a little miffed as I can never get into my blog using the address. I have to go into search and go through blogspot/blogger to get into it. Oh well, that is technology for you or Google.
I have uploaded my photo for the day. I had to get a trash bag out of the pantry today and noticed the jars of summer sitting on the shelf. I thought then that I would use that for the photo today.
I garden. I have gardened for years and I have a garden large enough that I can things. Pickles are one thing that I can that a number of people enjoy receiving. I can't stand stewed tomatoes from the grocery store so I can those as well. I always enjoy opening the pantry door and seeing the jars lined up in there with the rewards of our summer garden.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Rain Pig

I was headed outside to take some photographs, but the sun has disappeared behind dreary, blue grey clouds. I then spotted the Rain Pig in the corner of the sun room, hanging out by the rosemary. She did a great job late summer and fall.

The Rain Pig's original purpose was to be a watering can. Our friend who gave us the Rain Pig, gave it to us for a different reason.

Several years ago we were in the grips of a drought. R.L., who lives 50+ miles to the west of us, felt we were "hogging" what precious little rain was finding its way to the eastern Plains of Colorado. Thus we became the proud owners of the little Rain Pig. The little metal pig hangs out in the sun room as I do allow her to live in the house.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Pile

The pile of paper scraps, fabric scraps and thread can currently be found on my sun room floor. It is from a challenge quilt we did in our quilt Guild last year. It should be completed by now, but I am still working on it.
I do not set a very good example for anyone, especially since I was in charge of the project. It is one of those "I started...." things, but it will be finished. I have one corner left to attach, more stitching, quilting then some beads. I will post it once it is completed, not sure when that will be, but it will show up one of these days.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have had some strong winds this fall and winter, some have been recorded over 70mph. Winds leveled some of the unpicked corn fields this past November and they have continued on into '09. We are suppose to have winds tomorrow, predicted to reach 60mph. One thing the weather people CAN predict, wind!!!

Now with the winds come the migration of the tumbleweeds and we have lots of them around, mostly in places we don't care to have them. The winds blew last week and the things were close to some of the buildings and my husband decided it was time to get rid of them and make room for more. The photo are the remains of the tumbleweeds and a few corn husks that escaped the fire. Burning tumbleweeds is a traditional ritual on the eastern Plains of Colorado. It will occur a number of times from now until late spring, unless there is a blizzard. That seems to squash a number of them before they start their wanderings.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Subjects change

Our Australian Shepard was curious as to what the Border Collie was barking at, but agreed to co-operate for a photo op. She really wanted back inside as it is cold out tonight. Though about the moon first, but that didn't pan out and I wasn't really wanting to stand outside in the cold either, so we both came back inside.

She is a good dog and keeps a watchful eye over the place. She will come and get me if someone comes in the yard. Now the Border Collie's job is herding birds and greeting people. Hey, everyone has to have job.

And this is day 8. Surprising even myself.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The photo today is the top of a box. At one time the box contained a wedding veil. I have it in my possession because I was to take the remnants of the veil and the wedding dress worn by the mother of my cleint in 1941. I was to use them to make small wall hangings, also incorporating photographs of her mother and father printed on fabric. That is no longer the plan, which I think is for the best, but I am very intrigued by the box lid.
The lid is covered with a material that resembles leather and the photo is of the design which is embossed in the center portion of the lid. It is in very good condition and the gold embellishment has not tarnished. In one corner the owner of the veil had written "My wedding veil". The only portion left of the veil is the beaded head piece and the lace that went around the edge of the veil.
Treasures come in many forms. I know the daughter of the woman who wore these things wants to preserve them for her grandchildren, hence she has decided to make wedding dresses similar to the one her mother wore for their dolls. I think this is a grand idea myself for two reasons, I think they will turn out better than the wallhangings and I wasn't getting much done on this project. Things do work out for the best.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How much longer?????

I had two goals in going outside this afternoon, one was to feed the birds and the other was to take a photo of evergreen trees for the blog.
As you can clearly see this is not a photo of an evergreen tree. This was the last photo I took as I came back into the backyard. I happened to glance in the direction of the pump house and thought it might provide some interesting material sometime for my photo file of old structures.
The pump house use to play an important role on the farm. Years ago there was a windmill on the south side of it which pumped water for the house and livestock. The windmill came down years ago and a well now provides water for the farm, but the building still remains.
It has become a storage shed, holding such treasures as a Smurf picnic table, old doors and windows, a work bench, goose decoys and various other items. All have seen better days. The door seems to be falling apart at a rapid pace and I have been wondering how much longer that pane of glass is going to stay in place.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have you ever thought about........???

I know, a cell phone, not very exciting nor original. We switched
carriers today. THANK HEAVENS!!! Finally, some company has arrived who actually cares that we are able to get service south and east of town where we live, work and farm. Adios, Verizon!!!

These little phones are rather remarkable things. They can take a photo, a person could text on them if they so desired, access a website, they can be an alarm clock, an answering machine, one can reach people just about any place in the world, if you are with the right carrier, and lots of other things. And they are so small they just slip into a purse or pocket, which I found out is not the best place to keep one. They are amazing.

Another reason I find them extraordinary is that I was in the 7th grade when our first telephone was installed on our farm. It was a pretty big deal and that was 44 years ago. We were on a party line and there were 7 other families on our line. Talk about getting to know your neighbors.

The land line we currently have doesn't work if it rains or snows very much and we have wireless Internet as I would never be able to do anything such as post photos to a blog if I had to use the telephone line for our Internet connection, it would time out constantly and I would be very frustrated.

So I am impressed with this little blue gizmo that I can hold in the palm of my hand, take anyplace I go now and call someone from the middle of nowhere and if I wanted to spring for a Blackberry, I could even access my e-mail and all that other stuff those things do.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frustration and Hope

I decided to downsize this photo. It should really take up the
entire screen as that little machine and the legal pad next to it have monopolized my day!!!!! I am preparing for our tax appointment coming up this week. Everything has to be checked and then all the labor forms have to be filled out and filed.

What a pain in the neck!!!!! I am so relived that the government instituted all those paperwork reduction acts or it might be way too overwhelming otherwise. It wouldn't be such a bad job if it weren't for the multitude of labor entries and forms, haven't really seen any of that paper reduction I mentioned in the above sentence, only an increase. As in every sector of our lives where government is concerned, meddle, meddle, meddle!!! That thought can be saved for another post sometime. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities on that front.

I will say that I think I have things under control. Now to transfer all those numbers and not transpose any of them. I would much rather be in the sewing room even though it is in total chaos or over at the studio dyeing fabric. Hopefully I will make it to one of these two locations soon, very soon!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What's in a bag???

A bag is a handy item to have, a multi-purpose bag is great!!!! This bag is made of heavy canvas, reinforced with a plastic coating and is wonderful if one is involved in quilt making and has a need to haul things around to classes or retreats.

I received this bag last Christmas and I have had to protect it more than once, so it has been deemed an excellent bag by the quilters that I know. Hmmmmm, perhaps I should get my name on it someplace?????

It is nice and roomy and is capable of carrying lots of things. It went to Paducah this spring full of quilt sandwiches. This fall there was an iron, small cutting mat, rulers, rotary cutter, scissors, pack of sewing items, fabric, a small wall hanging, instructions for a quilt top, handouts and a roll of paper towels for a retreat our Guild conducted. I have packed it full of hand dyed fabric when bringing the fabric from the studio back over to the house. It is very useful.

Right now it is sitting on the dining room floor, waiting to be returned to the sewing room. I had taken it to Parker last week and tossed a few books into it---- Hot Textiles, The Painted Quilt, a couple of thr3fold journals, Ruth McDowell's Piecing and the American Quilter magazine. Hard to say what will go into it on the next trip, class or retreat or maybe it will have to stay at home in the sewing room???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 2--Reflections

I chose a photo of our dining room table today. I was just going to go with the table itself until I saw the reflection in the glass top and thought it said more about why I chose this object.
As with any New Year, I always reflect on the past year or years.
I received a gmail from my Aunt in CA today and she was telling me about the Sunday dinner menu she was preparing. She cooks Sunday dinner for the family members who live in CA and she has been doing this for a number of years. I have had the privilege of sitting at her table graced with roses from her garden and eating one of her fabulous meals. She is having pork chops cooked Darlene style this evening, which my cousin enjoys, along with Apple Crisp. I can imagine they will have a wonderful time.
Our youngest daughter started a once a month Sunday dinner tradition last year with her two sisters and their husbands who live along the front range. They will have their family dinner tonight, the first one of the new year at Daughter #2's home. They are rotating this year. They are working on an Italian theme this year and their menu sounded delicious. We were able to attend a few of the dinners last year and it is always a treat.
So even though our dining room table is not covered with food at the moment, nor are there any guests coming, it is full of memories of meals shared with family and friends over the years and in spirit I am in CA at my aunt's table and with our daughters and their husbands and finance this evening at their table.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm In

Photo # 1
January 3, 2009
Even though the challenge has been underway for two days I am forging ahead. 363 photos posted would be spectacular in my view. Maybe I will post a couple extra here and there to catch up or two at the end, IF I make it that far.
This is a small section of the leaded glass in our front door. Christmas lights are hanging on the other side from the eaves.
I have not been able to capture the dancing reflections in the glass that I have seen in the evenings the last few weeks when the lights have been on, but none the less a memory of them will always be there when I look at the door.
A year ago we had a solid, steel door in place of the one we now have. The door has made a major difference in our entryway and home and how I feel about that area. It welcomes visitors and is great on this side as it allows more light into our home. Light is a fabulous thing.

Thinking About......

My daughter sent a link to the new blog she started in connection with the Flickr 2009/365 challenge, which is to take a picture everyday in the year 2009. This is her blog address--- I think she takes great photographs. I used one of her underwater photos of a sea turtle in the dye painting class I took from Hollis in May '08. Still quilting it. My daughter has hopes it will hang in her office one day. She has some beautiful photos of coral I would like to paint and quilt as well. Works out well too as she is not a fan of traditional quilts.

So now I am thinking about doing this challenge thing as well. In my mind there are more than a few challenges connected with this "Flickr Challenge 2009/365". Starting off with picking up the camera each day and taking a photo, this could prove to be the easiest part. Then I would have to upload or download the photo from the camera to Adobe and do some work on it. Then comes posting the photo to this site, which can be a technical challenge for me at times and writing something about the photo. Good grief, that would mean I would have to blog each day as well AND I am already two days behind, but that sums up my life. It might take a day just to decide if I want to do this or not!!!!!!